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How to Produce Marketing Content that Works

What does it mean to produce quality content? In this webinar, Andrea Hill discussed how to frame your content development activities to get the most benefit, and some tools can you use to break through the challenges. She shared some of the tools and tricks you can use to get traffic to website and to your stores.

This page is a reference for you that includes the presentation, downloads, links, and other useful tools to help you improve your content creation and delivery.

Software Suggestions


Fantastic graphic design program with a very large toolset. Hundreds of templates, thousands of icons and photograph elements. Motion grahics. User friendly. The WerxMarketing graphic design team readily uses this tool, even though everyone has the full Adobe Suite.

$25/month — $75/month


Design suite filled with templates and design elements to complete better looking design projects, faster.

$9.95/mont — $12.95/month


Create better written content - for both people and search engines! CopyWritely checks your content for SEO issues, gives  you tips for how to fix them, makes suggestions for rewriting text, and can be used as a publishing tool (though you can also just work in here and then copy/paste into your blog or social media scheduler).

$18/month — $67/month


Helps you create strong email campaigns by starting with templates then walking you through a series of prompts to end up with a well-written email.

$97/year or $297/year

*Meet Edgar

A social media management tool that automates content re-sharing and helps you optimize social traffic. Designed to help you create more content without having to hire another person! Best machine-learning tool on the market for content development (in our humble opinion).

$25/month — $50/month


This tool sets up a drip social marketing campaign for your blog posts and landing pages. Instead of sharing your blog just once, Missinglettr creates a campaign to run for a while year, dripping out one message at a time.

$9/month — $39/month


Hey everyone! I have several ideas of other things I'd like to share. I'll add to this page over the next few days.  -Andrea

Oh. My. Gosh.

Content Types for Each Part of the Funnel

Somehow, I totally missed sharing this slide! And it's super useful, because it gives you content concepts for each part of the funnel (and this was even one of the questions from the audience - just don't know how I missed this!).