Skills Matrix Popular

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Skill Matrix Example.xlsx

This is an example of a skills matrix, developed by Andrea Hill. It is a tool she uses in her own companies and with consulting clients to help them gain more control over skills coverage, training, and hiring.

A Skills Matrix is a diagram that shows you – in one glance – what skills are necessary to run your business, and which employees have which skills. You can do this with an Excel or Google spreadsheet. Skills are listed at the top, one per column. The list of employees in the company (or in each department or team) form a row down the left. Inside the matrix, you rate each employee’s level of skill for each task.

Some companies use a simple metric like low, medium, high to rate individual skills. Some companies use a numerical scale like 1—5 or 110. The result is a snapshot of areas with sufficient skill coverage and areas that are weak. Using the Skills Matrix you can make better hiring decisions and training plans.