Motivation and Ideas

Andrea Hill regularly produces videos and webinars to support business owners. But in the past few weeks, she's livestreaming regularly, to provide in-the-moment, up-to-date information. But not everyone is catching these on social media, so we're working to put them all up here.  Watch this space - by later today we'll have all the recent videos up.

March 25 - "Marketing Tips & Software"

In today's live broadcast, Andrea shares a few important marketing tips for right now, and some software tips (including a free meeting software offer)

March 24 - "Two Management Tools"

Andrea shares two important management techniques you can use right now to help you navigate the crisis.

What's Your Mindset?

This is a video from several months ago, but it provides some helpful motivation for the experience we are having today.

Help Us Help You

We're creating video/interactive tutorials to help you manage your website better. But we need some insight from you. Learn more here.

March 22 - "Managing Yourself"

Andrea Hill gives specific guidance and tips about working from home, and reflects on one way to make this experience as positive as possible.

March 19 - "The Next Right Thing"

Start with your values. Consider the health of your employees. Some guidance on policies. Tips on email. Don't be "On Sale."

March 18 - "Get Still. Then Act."

When things are changing fast and conditions are unclear, the best thing to do is to pause, learn, and only make decisions after analysis.

March 17 - "How to Start Responding"

What can you do now, and what should you do now, and what should you avoid doing now? Early advice for the unfolding crisis.

February, 2018 - Centurion Scottsdale

Andrea Hill presents on the online/offline jewelry marketing landscape at the Centurion Jewelry Show in Scottsdale, Arizona.

February, 2018 - Centurion Scottsdale

Hill Management Group CEO Andrea Hill and Google Executive Jamie Blomquist answer your questions about digital marketing.