When's Andrea's Next Webinar?

Andrea Hill (owner of HMG/the Werx Brands) offers regular webinars, some free, some paid. She offers them for 'Werx clients, she's the host of MJSA's every-third-Thursday webinar series, and she is a frequent guest and interviewee for other webinar offerings. We try to list them all here!

MJSA Webinar Series with Andrea Hill

MJSA and Andrea Hill have been producing an every-third-Thursday webinar series for the past two years. In light of the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 crisis, all new content has been developed, and the series will be WEEKLY and FREE for the next few months. Sessions in that series will be tagged with the MJSA logo.  You can also learn more about the MJSA Webinar Series on the MJSA Website.

Upcoming Webinars

Designer Spotlight: Karin Jacobson, Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design

August 20, 1 P.M. EST

In this Spotlight episode, Andrea Hill talks with Karin Jacobson, who won both a Professional Excellence award and Responsible Practices Distinction in this year’s MJSA Vision Awards. Hear about how she approaches each of her creations (leaving room for surprises that lead to intriguing solutions) and how she integrates responsible sourcing and green techniques into her operation

Adapting to a New Economy: Changing Your Product Mix

September 3, 1 P.M. EST

COVID-19 has not just created a health crisis, but also brutally impacted economies around the globe—and that could lead to seismic shifts in consumer buying habits and choices. Consequently, many jewelry designers and manufacturers may need to redo their product lines to offer a greater range of new styles and materials, meet new price points, and appeal to a broader pool of prospective customers. In this webinar, Andrea Hill will offer guidance on the changes you’ll need to make to compete in the new economic landscape.

Designer Spotlight: Frieder Lauer

September 17, 1 P.M. EST

This episode spotlights Frieder Lauer, a lauded designer and goldsmith who, with his son, runs a Houston-based jewelry design atelier. His "Floating" ring won both Custom Design Distinction and Colored Stone Distinction in the 2020 MJSA Vision Awards, and he’ll tell the unique story behind his award-winning creation (which features not only an exquisite ametrine custom-cut by John Dyer, but also some near-magical setting techniques). He’ll also talk about his approach to custom craftsmanship, the way he balances technology with hand tools, and how he works with clients in pursuit of the extraordinary.

Redefining Your Business

October 1, 1 P.M. EST

Surviving the pandemic is possible, but to do so you might have to redefine your business: revisit your strengths, reassess your mission and markets, and reinvest in technologies, staffing, and new marketing and branding campaigns. This webinar will discuss how to make these changes successfully.

Designer Spotlight: Sophia Hu

October 15, 1 P.M. EST

This session profiles designer Sophia Hu, the first-place winner of both Professional Excellence (4 Years in Business) and Laser Distinction in the 2020 MJSA Vision Awards. She’ll discuss the background of her award-winning creations,  as well as delve into her overall approach to jewelry design—her inspirations, her goals, and how her architectural background influences her creations.


You Have Insurance and Legal Questions - We Have Guidance

Aired March 26, 12 p.m. EST

Join Andrea Hill as she hosts a conversation with the Jewelers' Mutual Team and Sara Yood with JVC. They will help you understand the current environment, let you know what questions you should  be answering, and help you avoid some of the pitfalls you may not be aware of.

MJSA: FREE for all jewelry industry members

Surviving in Tough Times Part I: The State of Things

March 30, 3 P.M. EST
JDPN Online Sessions Developed with the Fashion Institute of Technology.

The Jewelry Design Professionals’ Network (JDPN) has invited Andrea Hill to prepare two presentations for their members and students.

This first session will focus on the current challengs of the jewelry industry. Andrea Hill works across the entire vertical and has clients on every continent. Her understanding of the worldwide market will help jewelry businesses large and small navigate current problems and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Best Online Strategies for Volume Producers

April 2, 1 p.m. EST

How should B2B producers manage their online presence during Covid19? Until now, the industry's B2B segment hasn't been a big user of online services. If you're trying to catch up, this session will be very useful to you. You'll receive direct advice, tips, and tools for stepping up your online services.

MJSA: FREE to all jewelry industry members

Surviving in Tough Times Part II: Evolution and Growth During Crisis

April 6, 3 P.M. EST
JDPN Online Sessions Developed with the Fashion Institute of Technology.

The Jewelry Design Professionals’ Network (JDPN) has invited Andrea Hill to prepare two presentations for their members and students.

This second session will offer specific actions every entrepreneur can take to continue personal and professional growth and business progress during the challenges of pandemic and recession.

Best Online Strategies for Studio Producers

April 9, 1 p.m. EST

Studio producers face unique challenges during Covid19, and need their own set of guidelines for online promotion and selling. Join Andrea Hill as she offers marketing and selling guidance for the designer and studio producer community.

MJSA: FREE for all jewelry industry members

How do Global Crises Affect Styles and Material Preferences?

April 16, 1 P.M. ET

Design, style, and the materials designers use have been greatly influenced by major world events like WWI, the Great Depression, and WWII. In this session, Andrea Hill will interview jewelry historians Diana Singer, Michael Coan, and Nancy Ross about the kinds of shifts we might see in consumer interest and the ways that designers have historically responded to them.

MJSA: FREE for all jewelry industry members

Living Room Session

April 17, Noon ET

Ready to take a break and have some good conversation with your jewelry friends? 

The Living Room is an informal virtual meet up for conversation, community, support, and knowledge sharing among people passionate about responsible sourcing and sustainability. Sessions will be held regularly depending on interest.

This Friday, we will be joined by special guests Wing Yau (Founder, WWAKE) and Andrea Hill  (Hill Management Group) to share their insights on how responsible business practices are applied in times of crisis, as well as how the values that emerge now can be applied to a long term responsible business vision. 

Manufacturing Tomorrow: Considerations for Globalization

April 23, 1 P.M. ET

Globalization of manufacturing has been the standard for the jewelry industry for the past 25 years. But after a year of painful tariffs, followed by the implications of global shut-down, how should we be thinking about globalization in the future? Andrea Hill will discuss this issue with several expert panelists (TBA), so that we can imagine a stronger future together as an industry.

MJSA: FREE for all jewelry industry members

Manufacturing Tomorrow: Additive Manufacturing

April 30, 1 P.M. ET

Will heightened consciousness of the risks in remote production lead to an increase in Additive Manufacturing (AM) at home? What is the current state of technology, and what developments can we expect to see in the near future? Andrea Hill will discuss these issues and more with a panel of AM experts (TBA). 


MJSA: FREE for all jewelry industry members

Managing Through the Crisis: How to Address Your Financials & Marketing

March 24, 2020

Catch the replay of INSTORE's March 24 webinar “Managing Through the Crisis Part I: How To Address Your Financials and Marketing” with INSTORE Editor-in-Chief Trace Shelton, Sherry Smith from Edge Retail Academy and Andrea Hill, Hill Management Group. (Due to a technical error, only audio is available from this webinar.)

Ramping Back Up: Getting Back in Business After Covid19

May 7, 1 P.M. ET

A global shutdown of this magnitude is unprecedented. How do we start back up? What must we consider commercially, legally, from an employment standpoint? How do we manage cash flow, insurance, ramping up advertising? Andrea Hill will work with a panel of experts to discuss this important topic.

MJSA: FREE to all jewelry industry members

Symposium on ASMs & Covid-19: Grassroots Initiatives

May 13, 2020

A Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference event. A panel of jewelry industry activities involved in grass roots initiatives to aid mining communities in Zambia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Brazil, and America will speak about their projects and what's happening in their areas of activity. Andrea Hill moderates.

Symposium on ASMs & Covid-19: Global Initiatives

May 14, 2020

In this Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference event, a panel of experts from the World Bank, OECD, and PACT Worldwide will talk about their global initiatives. Right now, they are mobilizing volunteers, gathering on-the-ground data and feedback, and creating short and long-term strategies to assist ASM communities. Andrea Hill moderates.

Getting Back to Work: How to Produce Marketing Content That Works

May 19, 2 P.M. ET

What does it mean to produce quality content? In this webinar, Andrea Hill discussed how to frame your content development activities to get the most benefit, and some tools can you use to break through the challenges. She shared some of the tools and tricks you can use to get traffic to website and to your stores.

VDB Presents: Selling Mined and Lab-Grown Diamonds

Aired Wednesday, May 20, 2020

In this session, Andrea Hill will interview a panel of experts — suppliers and retailers — that sell both mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. They will share their philosophy about the two types of diamonds, and how they present both types of diamonds to their buyers. Panelists include Stanley Zale (Stuller) David Mazer (Marks Jewelers), Bethany Pappalardo (Jones Bros.) and Krish Jhaveri (Amipi).

Mapping Your Business


The COVID-19 crisis affected every aspect of the way we do  business, from supply chains to customer outreach, and many companies are now struggling to forge a new path as they ramp back up. In this session, Andrea Hill will show how you can "map" your business, identifying value gaps to be filled and uncovering any potential legal or economic exposure, to ensure that your return to business starts off strong.

The NEW Retail Forecast: Back in Business After Covid19

Aired MAY 26, 1 P.M. ET

The future of retail has been a big discussion for years, driven by changes caused by the way digital selling channels changed commerce and consumer expectations. These changes will likely accelerate after the experience of Covid19. Andrea Hill will share the latest retail market analysis and discuss the expected impact with a panel of experts

Let's Talk About Money

Aired MAY 28, 1 P.M. ET

Managing cash flow, finding new revenue streams, accessing credit and balancing investments versus cutbacks... Right now, businesses across the country are facing financial challenges unlike any they’ve seen in years (possibly in lifetimes). Andrea Hill, Erich Jacobs of the Jewelers Board of Trade, diamond and brands expert Dror Galili CPA, and other experts will discuss the key financial issues that every business, large and small, must address to survive.

Creating Strong Bonds with Customers Online

Aired JUNE 4, 1 P.M. ET

In the era of COVID-19, it seems that everything and everyone has moved online. But connecting virtually goes beyond just the occasional Zoom meeting or a new website. This session will explore both the psychology of online communication and the technologies expanding our digital reach, enabling you to connect with customers in a way that’s both virtual and personal.

Digital Prospecting: Finding New Customers Online

Aired JUNE 11, 1 P.M. ET

As jewelry manufacturers and designers do more online business, they must develop new strategies to find sales prospects. Join Andrea Hill as she reviews various digital tools and techniques (lead magnets, social media campaigns, sales funnels, etc.) that can cut through the online clutter and guide potential buyers into becoming customers.

Combining Live and Virtual Sales Events

Aired JUNE 18, 1 P.M. ET

When the COVID-19 crisis shut down trade shows, conferences, and other large gatherings, companies used to selling and marketing at physical events had to pivot to digital. This session will show how to develop a unified strategy that uses the strengths of both physical and digital to create a powerful and unique experience. Whether you sell finished jewelry, shop supplies, or services, this session will amplify your online sales efforts.

Responsible Sourcing: How to Get Started

Aired JUNE 23, 1 P.M. ET

Andrea Hill interviews responsible sourcing experts Christina Miller and Maggie Gabos about how to get started with responsible sourcing. This will be a practical, applicable, information-packed session that businesses of every size can use to begin a responsible-sourcing process. You don't have to get it perfect - you just need to get started! Let these experts show you how.

Protecting Your Business from Cyberattacks

Aired JUNE 25, 1 P.M. ET

From identity theft to entire systems shutting down from viruses or ransomware, the online world poses many dangers. As more businesses move online, those threats will only grow. Learn how you can protect your business against cyberattacks so you can not just survive but thrive online. Andrea will be joined by a panel of experts, including Elliot Atlas, Chief Technology Officer of VDB, and others TBA.

Principles of Design

Aired JULY 9, 1 P.M. ET

Every time a reality-show starlet starts a new jewelry line, it seems like design is something “anybody” can do. But having a sense of style is not the same as having the ability to design. Join Andrea Hill as she interviews design expert Marlene Richey on the principles of design, how the principles apply, and why they matter.

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